New Toppers Plush Hats for Babies

baby toppers plush hat dog head coverThe one-of-a-kind plush hat for keeping our little ones warm and stylish, Toppers are the perfect accessory for any newborn to 3 years old. It is soft and comfortable to wear at any occasion. Each Toppers is made of soft 2-toned fabric and are gender-neutral. It features a tail, paws/fins, and adorable embroidered facial details.

These hats come in an assortment of cute animals from a shark to a pig.

Toppers Shark

Baby hats - toppers

With a great big smile, this Toppers Shark is ready to greet whoever they come across. This wonderfully soft plush hat is 2-toned light blue and white with embroidered gill detailing on the sides. It also has a floppy tail at the back and fins that stick out on the top and sides.

Toppers Narwhal

Baby hat - toppers ebba

Cute little embroidered freckles on each cheek, this adorable Toppers Narwhal is made of 2-toned pink and white fabric and has a pearly white spiral horn at the top center of her head. It also has a floppy tail at the back and fins that stick out on the sides.

Toppers Pig

baby hat - Toppers  ebba pig

A small flat snout in the front and a lovable facial expression, this Toppers Pig is made out of 2-toned peach and white fabric. It also has floppy ears, a curly tail, and little hooves connected to the body.

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