The Perfect Plush Security Blanket for Your Baby - Luvsters

ebba has a wide variety of small blankets called Luvsters. They are a combination of a stuffed animal and plush blanket, making them the ultimate security blanket and friend for your baby. There are countless options to choose from, ranging from a cuddly Coby Cow to an adorable Benny Elephant.

baby security blanket plush luvster

They are all made of super soft plush fabric, feature embroidered details, and are 100% machine washable so that if a mishap occurs, the Luvster can be easily cleaned and ready to be used.

A security blanket plays many roles in a baby's life; one of those is to provide comfort as a mother would to a child. Babies often associate whatever they are holding when cradled to sleep to their mother because they are at their most comforting state. Having a security blanket would assist in creating a source of independence for your child in the future so that if the mother is not present, they can begin to sleep on their own without feeling separation anxiety.

ebba's Luvsters are the perfect size for a baby to hold onto and are travel-friendly. They make the perfect blanket to bring on a drive as well making it very versatile.

Check out a few of our Luvsters here:

Sloth Cute Sloth Luvster

sloth luvster security plush blanket baby

Sloth Cute luvster features a lush 2-toned way fabric on one side and a soft short plush fabric on the other. With little arms and an adorable face, Sammie Sloth is the perfect companion for any baby. 

Magical Unicorn Aria Luvster


aria unicorn magical luvster security plush blanket baby

Magical Aria Unicorn Luvster features a soft pink fabric on one side and a polka dotted fabric on the other. Aria has a white spiral horn that is gentle to touch.

Magical Dragon Jaxon Luvster

 magical dragon jaxon luvster security plush blanket baby

Magical Dragon Jaxon features a textured wavy fabric on one side and a soft striped fabric on the other. He has cute little horns and ears with a lovable facial expression.

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