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Every child should be encouraged to express their imagination from a young age because it is the key to boosting their brain, and Baby Talk is the best companion for that.

Baby Talk is an interactive plush playset line that has over 15 themed sets for your child to explore. Easy to take on the go and store, the playset is roughly 6-8 inches in size while animals are 2-4 inches each. Each animal makes a different sound, rattles, or squeaks.

The sounds and visuals of the playset create a little world for the baby. It helps them learn more about the animals, who they are, and their habitat. The animals are the perfect size for them to grab onto, squeeze, and shake, creating a momentum of endless fun!

Baby Talk will surely become a favorite for your precious little one as they create new stories every day with their new friends.

Check out the variety of playsets we have available here:

My Pet Hospital

baby talk my pet hospital interactive soft plush playset

This set features a lovely pet hospital. It includes 4 animal friends that make noise, rattle, or squeak. The dalmatian barks, the bunny is a rattle, the cat meows, and the dog crinkles.


My Mermaid House


baby talk interactive soft plush playset my mermaid house

This set features a cute mermaid house. It includes a mermaid and her 3 marine animal friends that make noise, rattle, or squeak. The mermaid makes a magical sound, the fish crinkles, the dolphin makes a sound, and the turtle rattles.

My Barnyard Friends

baby talk interactive soft plush playset barnyard friendsThis set features an adorable barn stuffed with your favorite farm animals! The duck is a rattle, the cow "mooos", the pig is a squeaker, and the rooster makes a "cock-a-doodle-doo" sound. 

Learn more about our fun interactive lines here.

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