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ebba - Blessing Collection - 16" Blessings Lamb Luvster
This Blessing Lamb Luvster is an adorable addition to any family! A cute face, soft white fur, and warm luvster shape makes this lamb the perfect companion for your baby. 16 inches tall.
ebba - Musicals! - 12" Sweet Cream Lamb
Sweet Cream Lamb is a cream-colored soft wavy textured lamb that lays flat on its belly. Perfect for bedtime, it is a Wind Up Musical that plays "Jesus Loves Me."Â 12 inches in size. Sure to become a favorite Wind...
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ebba - Blessing Collection - 8" Blessings Lamb
ebba is one of the leading plush toys supplier with wide range of toys to offer. Blessings Lamb features a satin bow that says “Jesus Loves Me." The unique plush toy is super adorable made with cloud like soft plush...
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ebba - Lamb - 9" Boy
BOY LAMB features wonderfully soft fabric and embroidered eyes. This cute little lamb is adorned with a matching bow.
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ebba - Blessing Collection - 12" Musical Blessings Lamb
Trying to get your little one to sleep, or know someone who is having sleeping troubles with their newborn? Then this is just what you need. This brilliant little wind-up toy sings a brilliant little musical hymn that can be...
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ebba - Lamb - 9" Girl
ebba offers premium quality plush toys for toddlers and kids of all ages. ebba Girl Lamb comes with a pink floral bow around her neck that is made of super soft material. This soft and cuddly plush toy is a...
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