ebba™ - Cuddlers Rattle™ - 6.5" Leo Lion™
A fun twist on a rattle, these Cuddler rattles are perfect to pair with your Luvster or plush cuddlers! Our cuddler rattles take on a miniature version of their plush version for on the go cuddles and entertainment. Leo Lion...
ebba™ - Cuddlers™ - 14" Leo Lion™
We are excited to welcome Leo Lion! Leo is happy to be apart of the ebba collection, with a beautiful mane and a beautiful beige body. Our cuddler plush are among the softest in our collection and give the best...
ebba™ - Cuddlers Luvster™ - 16" Leo Lion™
Luvsters are part blanket, part plush, and 100% full of love. These soft Luvsters are made for a close snuggle, for whenever your little one needs it. Welcome home Leo lion with a beige coat and a bright yellow mane....
ebba™ - Pocket Peekers™ - 5.5" Leo Lion™
Roar with excitement and join the wild adventure of imagination with Leo Lion, the king of cuddles from the ebba Pocket Peekers plush collection! Get ready to unleash a world of sensory exploration and motor skill development as your little...
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ebba™ - Hugeez™ - 15" Lion
A line sure to steal your heart, introducing our Hugeez, with a tagalong body. These Hugeez are sure to become a memorable part of your little ones collection. These characters are timelessly unique. Their heads, arms, and legs are more...
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