ebba™ - Loppy Giraffe™ - 7.5" Rattle
Loppy Giraffe Rattle is a super soft, cuddly and adorable plush toy for babies with embroidered facial features and soft fabrics 7.5 inches long from top to bottom High quality materials and hand construction makes for a unique and soft...
ebba™ - Loppy Giraffe™ - 11" Loppy
This Loppy Giraffe comes with embroidered facial features with floppy, under stuffed legs and neck. The long neck is to ensure perfect grip. Fun, cute and beautiful, Loppy Giraffe is all in one package for your baby. 11 inches long...
ebba™ - Loppy Giraffe™ - Musicals! - 11.5" Loppy
Loppy Giraffe Musical comes with under stuffed dangling legs and a thin neck to offer an easy grip. The embroidered facial features and super soft material makes it a safe plush giraffe for kids. It also plays the timeless Brahms...
ebba™ - Loppy Giraffe™ - 14" Luveez
Luveez is the perfect soft, cozy blanket that provides ultimate comfort. Perfect for swaddling and tucking in your little one. Loppy Giraffe features warm cream- brown tones suited for any newborn. 14 inches in size. High quality materials for warm...
ebba™ - Loppy Giraffe™ - 23" Roll Ups
Roll Ups are your favorite ebba characters in a uniquely designed transformable plush to a blanket. It is easy to roll up and secure with the attached hook and loop strap, lays effortlessly on a crib, and can be displayed...
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