Loppy Giraffe - 11.5" Loppy Giraffe Musical
ebba is a world renowned company offering quality stuffed animals with a focus on quality and durability. Loppy Giraffe Musical comes with under stuffed dangling legs and a thin neck to offer an easy grip. The embroidered facial features and...
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ebba - Sweet Lammie - 10" Sweet Lammie Musical Waggy
Sweet Lammie is an adorable creamy white lamb that loves to listen to dreamy lullabies and take long, restful naps. This Sweet Lammie Musical Waggy is standing on all fours, wind up to watch it move its head to the...
ebba - Dewey Bunny - 12" Wind Up Musical
This Dewey Bunny is a special bunny plush that plays a sweet lullaby when you wind it up! Playing Brahms Lullaby, your little one will fall fast asleep through the sweetness of the melody and softness of the plush companion....
Comfy - 12" Baby Boy Rocking Horse Musical
ebba brings huge collection of plush toys to adore your little ones and toddlers. Baby boy rocking horse musical features super soft, high quality plush material with a satin bow accent and beautiful embroidery. Suitable for all ages. Super soft...
Comfy - 12" Baby Girl Rocking Horse Musical
This exceptionally cute and loving little Baby Girl toy is the ideal choice for those who want an adorable little baby gift. If you or someone else has recently had the joy of welcoming a little girl, then this outstanding...
Musicals - 10" Dreamy Baby Girl
This beautiful and adorable little ebba is a must when you want a cool and comfortable little bedtime bear. The perfect choice for any little one who is trying to still find their way in the world and could use...
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