ebba™ - Story Pals™ - 9" Noah's Ark
Introduce your infant to the beloved classic story of Noah's Ark! This adorable soft picture book makes the perfect traveling companion, bringing both a stuffed giraffe and imaginative story for reading! 9 inches in size. High quality materials Sure to...
ebba™ - Baby Talk™ - 8" Noah's Ark
Baby Talk is a line of interactive plush toys made especially with your babies needs in mind. Easy to take on the go and store! Each animal makes a different sound, rattles or squeaks. This set features a cute mermaid...
ebba™ - Noah's Ark - 11" Elephant
Based off of the well-known story of Noah's Ark, this Elephant is cutely designed to a baby's taste. It has an adorable embroidered smiling face, large round ears that stick out, a cute trunk, and a little tail. 11 inches...
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