ebba - Woodland - 14.5" Owie Luveez


Bring the fun of the forest to your child with our new Woodland collection! Introducing 2 favorite woodland animals with a mix of 2 different soft textured fabrics. Foxie is a new style of luvster blanket with a 2 textured fabric feel. An adorable animal, this Luveez features Owie is a neutral grey and white owl with a yellow beak and feet.

  • 14.5 inches in size.
  • High Quality materials for a soft cuddling experience.
  • Perfect blanket for babies with a new style.
  • Beautiful 2 textured fabric plush for a unique and super soft touch.
  • A precious gift any child would love.
ebba - Woodland - 14.5" Owie Luveez
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